New Zealand is heading back to Iraq, let’s talk about war!

Prime Minister John Key has announced today that NZ will be sending troops to Iraq to help train Iraqi soldiers to fight ISIS.

We are prompted to ask the question again, “is there such a thing as a just war?”

The genesis of elephantTV was born out of this question so it’s passionate to us and we want to make available to you our War episode for free to help this conversation happen in your churches.

If you haven’t heard from us before, elephantTV is a place to have safe conversations, a place to talk about the elephant in the room, where we look at perspectives within the church and educate one another about what our brothers and sisters might think about the issue. We have put elephantTV: War up on Youtube and will leave it there for a wee while for you, and your congregation to access. The episode is well balanced, and as always we do not take a position on the issue, we allow our experts to put their case and leave the positions with you to continue the conversation yourself.

The ‘War’ episode has Paul Stanaway, an Iraqi veteran now working as a chaplain for the NZ Army, Adrian Leason who is most well know as one of the Waihopai 3 who, as a faith based action, disarmed an American operated, NZ located spy base. We also have two academics, Dr Chris Marshall and Dr Glenn Peoples who take pacifist and just war positions respectively.

You can click here to go to Youtube and view the episode, please feel free to connect with us if you need any further information or help. We’d also love to hear from you to hear how you used the resource.

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