A Beginners Guide to Lent: Linda Burson Swift

Lent, a widely observed season of the Christian church’s’ story spans over a six week period leading up to Easter.  It parallels Jesus’ 40 day journey into the wilderness, his time of fasting and deep reflection as he faced the reality of his mission, his passion, that for which he was called. Lent culminates on Easter Sunday with a celebration of the fullness of life that he share with all humanity, at his resurrection.

The history of the Judeo-Christian church is eclectic and colourful. It belongs to the great faith traditions of the East and West that have evolved over the past 2000 years; Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant. Each of these traditions with their various liturgies and rituals have been shaped out of the Story found in Scripture.

Yet Tradition and Scripture can only be validated by the lives we actually live.

How do we find their relevance unless we are able to experience the beauty they offer. The journey of faith can only make sense if it is embodied, connected to the whole of ones being; body, soul and spirit. Scripture, tradition or experience alone are not enough to bring meaning to our existence.

The practice of Lent is something we do, whether we give something up or include something new in our daily routines. We feel it as a lived experience, and this in turn brings a sense of connection and belonging to the bigger stories and greater traditions of our faith journey.

In the words of Franciscan Priest Richard Rohr,

Scripture as validated by experience and experience as validated by tradition are good scales for one’s spiritual worldview” – Rohr

Linda Burson Swift is a Senior Minister at Edge Kingsland. Visit Edge Kingsland’s Facebook page every day of Lent to read a new thought for the day


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