anyone got any spare sleep they could share?

​We’ve had a pretty gutting time over the last two days trying to get the first episode of elephantTV up for you. We’re so excited about showing you our new baby, and it’s frustrating beyond words (well words that a “good Christian” should use) that we can’t show her to you yet.

It’s been one thing after the other, starting with a problem with the rendering after we finished the final edits on Friday. Then there were problems with uploading, first at our producer’s place, then again when we tried at ours. It’s an enormous file, so we’re talking about ten hours plus of upload time, and to wait and wait and then after all that time realise that it hasn’t worked…. I’m gutted.

So send us your blessings for our sanity and our technical issues…. we really appreciate it! And hopefully we’ll be back with good news some time on Monday. 


sorry to read that, Pat but press on!  I still miss your talkback on Rhema - it’s not the same without you!

Posted by Kate on 20 January 2013

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