It’s a girl!!!!!!

It’s been a long weekend of hard labour. What with the initial problems with rendering, and then the complicated failed attempts at uploading our file to our distributor in the States, it wasn’t until early this morning that we had our baby in her place on our downloads page. She’s here, she’s here, and she’s beautiful! Thanks to all of you for hanging in there with us, it was worth waiting for. We’ve told you before how excited we are about this episode, but really, after having to work so hard to make it finally happen, we’re even more excited. There isn’t anything else like what we are doing, and this first episode is no exception. It’s the beginning of a conversation that is vital for our communities. 

There’s still one little quirk, but we think you can humour us. At the moment our paypal shop is set up as if we were in the States so when you enter your address you’ll need to add a state and a zip code. You might like to put California, 90210, as we did. wink






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