Next week we’ll talk about Same-Sex Marriage

I began writing a post on my position on Same-Sex Marriage, and it’s relation to the civil rights movement of the 1960s, in March. I have come back to the post on several occasions only to still be here 2 months later. I was inspired to write this after watching the movie Selma and think there are many parallels to be drawn between the two fights for equality. What I have decided to do is break the piece into three posts that will be uploaded next week. The posts will be as follows.

  1. Marriage Equality is the new civil rights campaign
  2. It’s time to get on the bridge
  3. Don’t be a George Wallace

I also intend to challenge you to get off your backsides and get involved in advocating for this sector of society being discriminated against. Even in places like New Zealand where Same-Sex Marriage is legal, there is still a battle to be had, especially in the churches, and we need people to stand up and take a stand for what is right.

begin posting and aim to have all three up by the end of the week.

As an aside, I realise that some won’t like this post, or this idea, but I am actively choosing not to engage in debates or arguments around my thoughts, if you disagree that’s fine however I’m too old and tired to try to convince anyone who is ardently in their position and, to be honest, don’t want to try. If you do want to genuinely converse about anything I have written about I welcome it, but if you want to troll me or my thoughts then I’ll leave you to do that on your own blogs and social media which I am sure you’ll respect.

As someone who has held these beliefs for a long time I have suffered discrimination (in a very minor way) and exclusion from some Christian groups and individuals I have works for and with and to be honest I think I have been somewhat cowardly in not speaking more publicly up until now thinking that it may effect an income stream or opportunity for me somewhere in the future amongst the Christian community.

I am not going to worry about that any more. I am going to be me and speak my mind as I see it and if it means I loose people or opportunities that that will be my cross to bear.

I look forward to engaging with you next week


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