What’s your big question?

Exciting news everyone – we will launching series one of Elephant TV at Parachute! We’ll have our own tent, in the café area, next to the Tip Top tent and we’ll be asking “what’s your big question?” Imagine you had God sitting across the table from you, flat white in hand, and you could ask anything you wanted. What would your question be?

We’ll have some pretty clever people with us who’d be happy to have a go at answering your “big questions”, and we’ll have a spot where you can record your questions and post them to us… because we really want to know what you’ve been thinking.

There will be an iPad Mini up for grabs during the weekend, and we promise we won’t make you think to enter that competition… that one will be easy peasy!

To help us launch Elephant TV we’re looking for twenty very special people to be part of our launch crew. You’ll receive an advance copy of one of our first episodes, a limited edition t-shirt, and we’ll throw in some stickers and postcards too, just because we love you. All you need to do is to let us know in 100 words or less why you’d like to be part of our team and how you are going to tell the world about us. Send your thoughts to info@elephant.TV before January 10.

Finally, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Take care of your clever selves, and enjoy this time with the ones you love. Keep them close and tell them how much they mean to you. And just because it’s that time of year, we wanted to tell you how much you mean to us too… true. You lot are our home team, our first supporters. You heard about us and liked what we are doing first – and your support means everything. So enjoy the celebrations, and see you at Parachute 2013!


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