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I sat in church on Good Friday listening to the narrative of the crucifixion from chapters 18 and 19 of the Gospel of John. I’d never heard the whole passage read straight from the text in a church service before, and there was something pure and uncomplicated about it. It was the most appropriate thing to be doing on Good Friday, to be reading the story of an event you could say precipitated the birth of the Christian faith. The choir was magnificent, as it always is, but I wasn’t interested in the music. The building was vast and ponderous, as it always is, but it was the story that captured me.

I know the story. I’ve heard it every Easter since I was a child. It’s a story I’ve analysed for veracity, that I’ve used as ammunition in religious arguments, a story I know so well that at times I’ve lost its meaning. But this Good Friday I shut my eyes and saw it happening in front of me. Jesus the Christ, sentenced to death. I saw myself in the crowd as Pontius Pilate, the representative of the Roman authority the Jewish people were ruled by at that time, presided over Christ’s trial. Before him was Jesus Christ, and beyond that the throng of people. The Jewish priests wanted him sentenced to death for blasphemy and sedition. He had refused to pay taxes to Caesar, so they said. He had called himself the King of the Jews...more


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