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Check this out for a spooky connection. I do some work for the Rhema network and each year they have a fundraising drive. Someone who was involved with that drive just sent me these comments that relate to my work on Rhema. Notice the spooky connection to elephantTV “Rhema is a light in my day, I just love it, especially the Pat Brittenden Mornings. I like that the talkback will go places in terms of what or where they are willing to go, whereas in the past open discussion about many of these topics would have been frowned upon; I think they call it talking about the elephant in the room, that you can’t ignore an elephant in the room, like a moral or biblical issue, a political issue. They are often difficult to talk about without upsetting or offending some people, but the Pat Brittenden show gives a really balanced perspective. I think it is an outstanding and very good show.”  Platitudes aside (which I appreciate) I only got this today…and it’s someone who is saying the importance of speaking about ‘the elephant in the room’...how crazy is that.  Probably be an appropriate time to say that the Rhema Group has nothing to do with elephantTV. There is, of course, a natural crossover as we will be speaking to a similar audience, but please be aware this is my product and I, with my wife, am executive producing, distributing it and own it oursleves :o)


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