What would Jesus Vote?

On Good Friday I was on radio in New Zealand asking the question “What would Jesus vote?”.​

If you are a follower of the green ideology you’d vote Greens, if you were a follower of John Key you’d vote National, if you were a follower of free market philosophies you’d probably vote ACT…what if you were a follower of Jesus?

We first spoke with Laidlaw College lecturer in the New Testament Mark Keown to set the scene for who Jesus is.

We then spoke with two politicians, one from the left and one from the right, who are both very active in the Presbyterian Church, as to how their faith leads them to where they are on the political spectrum.

First David Clark from the left

Then Chris Auchinvole from the right

We then spoke with a Pastor out of South Auckland, a Labour stronghold, as to why after 30 years he is switching allegiances from the left to the right, and why he is encouraging in South Auckland to do the same.

Finally we went to America, the home of partisan religious politics, with Eric Barreto, who is a contributor to the Huffington Post, on “What would Jesus Vote?”

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