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Women in Authority

In the church today some of the most argued over text refers to the place of women and their role in the church and family. Pat Brittenden speaks with four contributors, some from the Complementarian and some from the Egalitarian position, and fleshes out the biblical, social and moral reasons why there are differences behind the elephant in the room that is ‘Women in Authority’.



sean du toit

Sean du Toit has a BTheol with some post-grad work in Philosophy. He has planted student churches, before heading back to University to study for a MTheol. Sean is now doing a PhD in New Testament studies and lecturing at Alphacrucis College.


Rev. Dr. sarah harris

rev. dr. sarah harris

Sarah is a New Testament lecturer and the first woman on faculty at Carey Baptist College in its nearly 90 year history. Sarah’s research interests centre in Gospel scholarship with primary interest in the narrative of Luke-Acts. Her doctorate explored the motif of the Davidic Shepherd King and how Luke portrays faithful leadership.


Francelle Somervell

francelle somervell

Francelle is a primary teacher and is active at Howick Baptist church where her husband Peter is the Senior Pastor. She has a great love for the bible and the local church as well as a keen interest in missions. Over the years she has been active in youth ministry, women’s ministry, Sunday School teaching as well as counselling in the context of the local church.

Rev. Dr. Paul Archbald

rev. dr. paul archbald

In 1983 Dr Archbald commenced theological studies obtaining a B.Div. from the Reformed Theological College in Geelong and a doctorate in historical theology from Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia). In 1994 Paul accepted a job at the Reformed Church of Masterton in 1994 and then moved to the Reformed Church of Silverstream in 2001 where he still works to this day.


Adrian Leason, one of the “Waihopai Three” who disarmed a US spy base in New Zealand is accompanied by Dr Chris Marshall, pacifist academic, Paul Stanaway a chaplain with the NZ Armed forces who previously fought in Iraq with the British military, and Dr Glenn Peoples, an academic who specialises in the Just War theory. Pat Brittenden, host, asks some very difficult questions as our four contributors grapple with one of the most serious issues our world faces today. Is there ever such a thing as a just war?


Dr Chris Marshall

Dr. Chris Marshall

Dr Chris Marshall is an award winning author and the St John’s Associate Professor of Christian Theology and Head of the School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from Victoria University of Wellington, a Bachelor of Divinity from the Melbourne College of Divinity, a PhD in New Testament Studies from the University of London, and an MA in Peace Studies from the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Indiana.


Adrian Leason

Adrian Leason

Adrian is most well known as one of the three men tried by the NZ Government for their attack on the American Spy Base in Waihopai. Calling themselves the Anzac Ploughshares, the group said at the time that they wanted to draw attention to the war in Iraq. They attacked the spy base in reaction to George Bush’s statement that intercepting communications was one of the key weapons in the so-called “war on terror”. In the past few years Adrian has worked as a Senior Advisor with Child, Youth & Family in Wellington after he, with his family, spent three years in Asia, living in a slum helping with community development.


Glenn Peoples

dr. glenn peoples

Dr Peoples studied divinity in Auckland under Dr. Chris Marshall. From there he moved south to Dunedin, completing a Master of Theology degree with distinction where his research on biblical ethics earned high praise from eminent Old Testament scholar Walter Kaiser. He went on to complete a PhD in philosophy, specialising in the role of religious convictions in public and political life. Glenn can be found writing on themes related to God and ethics, religion and justice, Christian theology and philosophy.



Captain Stanaway

rev. captain paul stanaway

Captain Stanaway is an Army Chaplain for the New Zealand Defence Force currently based at Burnham Military Camp. Paul studied a degree in Environmental Science at Lancaster University and then joined the army as a private soldier in an Infantry Regiment. After a year he transferred to the Royal Army Medical Corps and trained as a combat medic. He served in this role as a Lance Corporal in Iraq 2005-2006 and shortly after returning home left the British forces and continued with training and ordination as an Anglican Priest. He studied Theology at Ridley Hall in Cambridge, U.K. and was ordained priest by Bishop David Coles in Christchurch Cathedral in December 2007.


For many Christians the evolution/creation conversation is an issue that is peripheral to their faith to others it is the cornerstone of their beliefs. This episode presents four different perspectives on Evolution from four articulate, passionate and knowledgeable professionals, including Dr Graeme Finlay from Auckland University, and Dr Don Batten from Creation Ministries. This is a heated discussion, in many ways, and there are vast differences of opinion between the contributors. If you don’t hold a firm position on the Evolution vs Creation debate, you will do once you’ve seen this. If you already have your mind made up, you’ll find plenty of food for thought here, which ever side you sit on.


Dale Campbell

dale campbell

Dale Campbell is an American who has now lived in NZ for nearly 8 years. Dale has taken several papers toward a degree in Religious Studies at Missouri State University and upon moving to NZ he completed a Bachelors Degree in Applied Theology and a Diploma in Pastoral Leadership from Carey Baptist College. Dale has been Associate Pastor at Northcote Baptist Church for almost 6 years. Although years ago he firmly held young-earth and anti-evolution views, he now sees an ancient creation and natural evolution as compatible (biblically, theologically and philosophically) with a Creator who is even-more Ancient than creation, and sovereign over the entire natural creation.



Melissa Day

Melissa Day

Melissa is a passionate evangelist. Melissa was introduced to Jesus at 26, and had a dramatic conversion from the darkness of the occult. She holds the Bible as her most precious resource. Melissa’s favourite subject is Creation Science, which she loves teaching her children. Melissa is a former contributor to Radio Rhema’s ‘Quickwords’ devotional slot, and now helps to run a pro-life counselling ministry which supports pregnant mothers in their choice of life. Melissa and her husband Ben ran Ray Comfort’s Living Waters ministry in New Zealand for 6 years, and still train and encourage evangelists all around New Zealand.


dr. don batton

Don has a B.Sc.Agr. (First Class Honours) and Ph.D. from the University of Sydney. Don has been working with Creation Ministries International in Brisbane, Australia, since 1994, Don has spoken around the world on creation. He is the major author of The Creation Answers Book and 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History. He is one of the four rotating editors of Creation magazine, which goes to 140 countries.

Graeme Finlay

dr. graeme finlay

Dr Graeme Finlay BSc, MSc (Honours) and PhD degrees from the University of Auckland, and a BTheol degree from the University of South Africa. Graeme is a cell biologist with thirty years in cancer research and have contributed to some 70 publications, he is currently a Senior Lecturer in Scientific Pathology, University of Auckland. Graeme has written in the areas of Science and Christian faith. When he has time he likes to especially read NT studies.

Same Sex Marriage

Four passionate and experienced professionals from very different perspectives discuss same-sex marriage from a Christian perspective. Expected to be one of the most controversial episodes of our first series, with the most clearly opposing “sides” of any of the topics, this instead turned out to be one of our most emotional episodes, including an unscripted apology and more than one round of spontaneous hugging. A must-see for anyone interested in marriage, the church’s role in marriage, and what an evolving marriage tradition could look like in Christian communities in the future. Contributors include:


Dr. Stuart Edser

Dr. Stuart Edser

Dr Stuart Edser is a Psychologist and author from Newcastle, Australia. He has several degrees in psychology and education, including a PhD. Dr. Edser is the author of “Being Gay, Being Christian”. The primary aim of his book is to explain to gay or same-sex attracted people that they can be both gay and Christian - that the two are not mutually exclusive. In the past Dr Stuart has been a secondary English teacher, a professional musician and public speaker. He was also a minor seminarian in the Catholic Church as a young man, and also an elder, leader, preacher and teacher in the Protestant evangelical and charismatic wing of the Church in his early twenties. After years of struggle and self-acceptance, he now lives happily with his partner Chris.

Rev. Dr. Merv Duffy

Rev. Dr. Merv Duffy

Merv Duffy is a Marist priest from Christchurch, New Zealand who was ordained in 1985. Merv studied for his doctorate in Systematic Theology in Rome, and is currently Dean of Studies at Good Shepherd College in Auckland. Merv has been involved in the writing of the “Understanding Faith” series of textbooks for the religious education syllabus, has participated in the expert panels for the writing of education and assessment materials for Religious Education, and has also been the National Moderator for Religious Education.


Lisa Michelle

Lisa Michelle

Lisa Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology major), a certificate in Counselling Theory, has done several papers in Pastoral Care and Counselling Children and has recently qualified as a Chaplain. Lisa is a counsellor with Rainbow Youth, a writer and a singer and song-writer. After a lifetime of battling to align her faith with her sexuality she decided to lay aside the Scriptures and go directly to God, asking Him to reveal His will for her in this area. She received many confirmations and such inner peace that she “came out” about three years ago and is enjoying living authentically and congruently with her Abba Father. She is in a committed relationship with a Christian woman who she would love to marry.


Rowan Hilsden

Rowan Hilsden

Rowan Hilsden is 31, a husband, father of four, and senior pastor of Auckland Evangelical Church. His particular passion is to see people totally captivated by Jesus, deeply grounded in the gospel, and growing in their love and knowledge of the true and living God. He has completed part of a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), a Bachelor of Arts in (Graphic Design), and a Bachelor of Divinity from Moore Theological College in Sydney. Rowan has also been a university chaplain and an ordained Anglican minister in a large multicultural church in Sydney.

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