What’s Your Big Question?

Imagine you are sitting across the table from God and you had an opportunity to ask one big question.…what would your question be? If you don’t believe in God then humour us and play along. What would you ask if you could ask anything? We all have questions that we don’t have answers to. You may have a question related to society, to religion, to morality or something completely off the planet. Your question may be quite specific and only relate to you, or it may have massive implications for the entire world. Whatever your question is we want to hear it.

We’re not even pretending that we have answers for you. However, we believe strongly that the value of a question lies in so much more than its answer, if there is one. The bible is full of questions. Jesus asked more questions than he gave answers. (Read the gospels and see for yourself.)

Questions are honest, real, and can birth new knowledge and ways of seeing, or simply bring new light to old truths.

Here at elephantTV we are dedicated to providing a safe and respectful environment for you to ask away, no question is off limits. We like to facilitate honest and enlightening discussions, and we are gathering a network of interesting and big-hearted theologians, pastors, priests, psychologists, thinkers, and artists who can all bring something unique to our conversations. You might even find that your question ends up becoming one of our topics for series two of elephantTV.

What’s your big question?

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